39 Steps by Patrick Barlow




30th January - 5th February 2022

A  play by Patrick Barlow; a hilarious and spectacular version of this spell-binding thriller, with all the legendary scenes including the death-defying finale act at the London Palladium




Dangerous Obsession 


3rd - 9th April 2022

by N.J.Crisp


Mark Driscoll is obsessed with pinning the blame for his wife’s accident on an intruder who enters the couple’s home. 

Can their marriage survive?




12th June - 18th June 2022

by  Jack Popplewell

This hilarious play centres on a voluble cleaning woman who keeps telling the cops to mind their own business. She steps forward with the right evidence in every pinch.

She lives in the basement on the office building where she cleans, and one night finds a body.

Will she have the case solved before the police arrive ??


The Collector

       The-Collector.jpg - 416.95 kB

9th August - 12th August 2022 

by Mark Healy


Funny Money

      Funny-Money.jpg - 369.37 kB

18th September - 24th September 2022 

by Ray Cooney


Edge of Darkness


20th November -26th November 2022

by Brian Clemens