Happy Families


11th February - 17th February

Written by John Godber
Directed by Theresa Hagger

As always, this outstanding playwright tells a story full of warmth, understanding and humour. This is an affectionate and appealing portrait of an ordinary family trying to deal with the many changes life brings, including the generation gap.

Whipping it Up


22nd April - 28th April

Written by Steve Thompson
DIrected by Mike Smith 

A political comedy that could not be more topical. It's a week before Christmas, and a new Tory Government is facing dissent over its latest bill. With a majority of only three, the Whips' Office is out in full force, and they'll stop at nothing to keep the stray in line.

Haunting Julia


24th June - 30th June

Written by Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Chris Neville-Smith and Teresa Hagger

This ghost story by one of our most popular playwrights will keep you guessing to the end. The "Julia Lukin Music Centre" opens in the house where Julia lives and died, but is Julia still there? Is there a ghost behind the door, or are the only ghosts in their minds?

Mindgame (studio production)


1st August - 4th August

Written by Anthony Horowitz
Directed by Caroline Chapman

When Mark Styles, a writer of glossy "true crime" paperbacks, tries to get an interview with Easterman, a notorious serial killer, he has no idea what he is walking into. This scary thriller will keep you sitting on your seat till the very end! 


 Publicity image for People

16th September - 22nd September

Written by Alan Bennett
Directed by Kate Lawrie

Sisters, June and Dorothy Stackpoole, own a leaking an dilapidated stately home. June wants to give it to the national trust, but Dorothy doesn't want people traipsing through her house. The solution has a surprising and hilarious outcome. This is Bennett at his sharp and witty best. 

Dead Man's Hand

 Publicity Image for Dead Man's Hand

18th November - 24th November 

Written by Seymour Matthews
Directed by Charlotte Bond

Two couples, with no known connection, are lured to a remote Italian villa with no outside communication. The essential ingredients of a traditional Whodunnit, but nothing is quite what it seems. This play will keep you in suspense with all its clever twists and turns.