Main season

Entertaining Angels

Murder Weapon

The Memory of Water

1st - 7th February

written by Richard Everett
directed by Teresa Hagger

19th - 25th April

written by Brian Clemens
directed by Theresa Mulkerin

21st - 27th June

written by Shelagh Stephenson
directed by Chris Neville-Smith
Production shot from Entertaining Angels Production shot from Murder Weapon Production shot from The Memory of Water

Trivial Pursuits

Humble Boy

13th - 19th September

written by Frank Vickery
directed by Kate Lawrie

15th - 21st November

written by Charlotte Jones
directed by Michael Smith

Production shot from Trivial Pursuits Production shot from Humble Boy

 Other productions

Waiting for Gandalf

18th March

written by Adrian Marks
directed by Teresa Hagger
performed by Chris Neville-Smith

 Scene from Waiting for Gandalf