Terence Rattigan's Separate Tables was performed at the City Theatre on the 24th - 30th June 2012, with the following cast and crew:

John Malcolm Colin Clark
Anne Shankland Charlotte Bond
Sybil Railton-Bell Louisa Robinson
Major Pollock Paul Monoghan
Mrs Railton-Bell Jennifer Gill
Miss Cooper Judy McKinnel
Lady Matheson Janiece Spence
Miss Meacham Liz Cooke
Mr Fowler Richard Britnell
Mr Stratton Jack Macauley
Miss Tanner Amanda Chapman
Mabel Marion Clapham
Doreen Catherine Langley
Director Teresa Hagger
Production Assistant Chris Neville-Smith
Production crew Heather Prestwich, Theresa Mulkerrin, Gordon Lawrie



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Mr. Stratton (Jack Macauley) and Miss Tanner (Amanda Chapman), two 'old friends' staying the weekend in the hotel - although they look a little too friendly to be just old friends A more fraught encounter between John Malcolm (Colin Clark) and ex-wife Anne Shankland (Charlotte Bond), who he went to jail for beating John (Colin Clark) nurses his head the following morning, so manager Miss Cooper (Judy McKinnel) waitress Doreen (Catherine Langley) give a hand
Major Pollock (Paul Monoghan) confesses a secret to Sybil Railton-Bell (Louisa Robinson) Left to right: Doreen (Catherine Langley), Mr. Fowler (Richard Britnell), Miss Tanner (Amanda Chapman), Mr. Stratton (Jack Macauley), Mrs. Railton-Bell (Jennifer Gill), Major Pollock (Paul Monoghan), Sybil Railton-Bell (Louisa Robinson), Miss Cooper (Judy McKinnel), Lady Matheson (Janiece Spence), Miss Meacham (Liz Cooke), Mabel (Marion Clapham)