Upcoming auditions for members are as follows: 

Non-members are welcome to come to readings and auditions; if cast, non-members must purchase membership prior to play dates.


Funny Money (27th June - 3rd July 2021)

This delightful comedy begins with Henry accidentally picking up a briefcase stuffed with £735,000! This leads to a game of cat and mouse, as Henry, Jean and their friends assume all sorts of identities in their battle to keep the money. Will they succeed? Perhaps the cheeky taxi driver Bill has the answer. 


Audition:  TO BE DECIDED 

If you are interested and unable to come to either the read through or audition please contact the director at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

The River

produced by Theatre Elysium

29th November - 1st December
7.30 p.m (+ 2.30 p.m. Sat matinee)

Written by Jez Butterworth
Directed by Jake Murray

“If you lose me you will search for me. Forever.”

A cabin somewhere in the Tyne Valley. A man brings a woman for a romantic weekend to get close to nature and experience the wonder of the River. But is there one woman or many? Is he just a womaniser or is he seeking the woman he has always loved, over and over again?

A love story, a ghost story, a haunting mystery, THE RIVER is a drama about desire and longing that you will never forget.


 There is an instinctive revulsion against take a human life. And that revulsion can be conquered.

produced by Fourth Wall Theatre Company

6th December - 8th December

Written by Gary Owen
DIrected by Elliot Ancona

 A controversial new gaming experience is inspiring a generation. In Killology, players are rewarded for torturing victims, scoring points for ‘creativity’. According to its creator, Killology isn’t sick. Because yes, you can live out your darkest fantasies, but you don’t escape their consequences. Out on the streets, not everybody agrees with him.

£6.00 – £7.00, Tickets available from Durham Student Theatre


Honorary figureheads

Partron: Sir Arnold Wolfendale

Honorary President: Marion Clapham


At the AGM each year, the society's members elect a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Theatre Manager and Production Committee Chairman.

In addition, the society elects six further directors who serve a term of office of three years.

The society's current officers are:

Chairman: Lesley Anderson

Secretary: Kristian Colling

Treasurer: Wendy Smith

Theatre Manager: Pete Hagger

Chairman of Production Committee: Mike Smith

Directors: Amanda Chapman, Kathryn Gander, Neil Gander, Pauline Gill, Emma Grisdale, Chris McGeorge, Judy McKinnell, Marshall Peach


Officials are appointed by the Directors to head the various backstage teams of the society.

The society's current officials are:

Vice-chair: Pete Hagger

Membership Secretary: Elenor Maddison

Stage Manager: Pete Hagger

Props: Marshall Peach

Wardrobe: Kate Lawrie

Production Committee

The Production Committee oversees the production of all productions of the society. Plays are directed by Producers, who are appointed by the committee after a period of mentoring. Elected members are responsible for reading and selection of members.

The Production Committee's members are:

Chairman: Mike Smith

Secretary: Caroline Chapman

Producers: Mike Smith, Caroline Chapman, Kate Lawrie, Tess Hagger, Chris Neville-Smith, Charlotte Bond

We run an e-mail list for the public to give information on upcoming mainstream plays. Anyone is welcome to join. (Please note this is a different list to the e-mail lists for members and mailing list subscribers that give discounts for plays - however, members are welcome to join this list as well.)

To join the public list, click here.

If you wish to leave the list, click here.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any problems joining or leaving the list.

The Little Theatre Guild has about 90 member drama groups, each of which has its own theatre (i.e. it either owns its own Theatre, or else has an exclusive long-term tenancy agreement). Apart from this requirement, which is a condition of membership, the drama group are expected to present plays which reach an acceptable production standard, and prior to acceptance for membership, one or more performances by the aspiring drama group require to be watched and approved by representatives of the Guild.

The Guild has regional subdivisions, and each region has periodic conferences at which various presentations, talks, and demonstrations are provided by various regional members, occasionally operating in harness. Although we have a representative to the Little theatre Guild, any member of the Society is welcome to attend the conferences, in fact the more the merrier!

In 2011, Sir Ian McKellen, who was then the LTG Patron, took another step along the way to fulfilling his pledge to visit every theatre in the Guild during his term of office. He described our theatre as "a little gem", watched part of a rehearsal for Gaslight, and, from a chair in the middle of the Gaslight set, conducted an informal discussion about the problems facing amateur theatres. He left us in no doubt of his love for the amateur theatre: "The professional theatre wouldn't be where it is without the amateur theatre", he said, "every professional actor you've ever heard of probably started off on the amateur stage, and we should support them".

Our Little Theatre Guild representative is Michael Smith.

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